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AutoPage is an efficient web page builder for building referral websites. Internet marketers who want to build fast, mobile-first, well-designed websites. AutoPage often scores a perfect 100 as measured by PageSpeed Insights, loads in only hundreds of milliseconds as measured by Pingdom, and scores above 98% in webpage quality as measured by GTMetrix. When used as directed, AutoPage scores above 90 in readability as measured by Flesch reading test, scores green as measured by Yoast SEO. AutoPage closely parallels the AMP Project guidelines.

AutoPage Referral Pages

AutoPage has marketing templates for generating referral pages for leading referral websites. AutoPage includes templates for marketing Uber, Lyft, CSS Igniter, Beaver Builder, and other highly profitable referral accounts. Templates are designed to outperform the competition. When pages perform better, they rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This is done "organically" that is, with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and without advertising. This leads to a much higher ROI (Return On Investment). More templates are in production.

Generate Fast Pages

AutoPage is faster than virtually all competitors. (You cannot sell a visitor who got impatient and left.) Nearly all impulse buys are made on smart phones. Speed is even more important for smaller screens through slower cell data. Dynamic, database sites like WordPress, Weebly, WIX, and others are too slow to be effective in this market. AutoPage is built mobile-first, using HTML, inlined css, minified code, smooshed jpg images, and without javascript (and more).

How It Works

The problem until now has been daunting. Online Marketers needed to find a referral account (and until recently, not many that qualified). Then they needed to build a website to showcase that product, write compelling articles, and master SEO. AutoPage does all of that for you. AutoPage templates are elegant, responsively designed for speed on all screens, and optimized to rank in SERPs. It works. AutoPage is field tested and proven. AutoPage has been used to generate a living income with minimal effort and expense and without advertising.

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